1. Seven Days

From the recording Secret Church

"Seven Days" is the seventh track on Young Romantics' debut album, "Secret Church."

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If you find yourself
Let me in, and take me back
Heard you hurt yourself
It's nothin' new, you always have

Seven days

Said she's better off sleepin'
Always waitin' on the weekend
But seven days you're bleedin'
Seven days
That's seven days of the same thing
Heard you talk about changin'
Heard you talk about the same thing
Seven days

And I heard you were tryin' to change yourself
And I heard you were tryin' to change
You know I heard somethin' different
You know I been tryna change myself

If I could change the past
Show you what's made to last
I'd pick your pieces up and give 'em all a purpose
I guess I tried my best
You stumbled over that
And now you're by yourself when you could stand beside me