1. Cliché

From the recording In Case You Don't

Written by Griffin Fletcher, Mitchell Manuel, Matthew Porter and Gabriel Rogers. Produced by Max Erskine and Young Romantics.

℗© 2021 Young Romantics. All rights reserved.


I'm afraid of it, I'm afraid of you
Been afraid so long I'm wondering what to do next
What to do next
'Cuz when I saw it then, I couldn't look away
Had to turn right back so I could try again
And you knew I'd
And you knew I'd

I been walking by, I been running fast
Trying to make every moment last
'Cuz it's you, you, you
And me, me, me
We been running around like we got things to be
Yeah, you know it, baby, we going crazy
But you talking to me now like you ain't noticing a thing
It's you, you, you
And me, me, me
Want me to ask you out, but I ain't tryna be cliché

You thought I'd be coming around
You can't figure this out
It's so hard to be the one
I just might be your type
But you don't want this life
Been running out of time to realize
That no one ever does
So we'll just call it love
Is it the two of us
I been wrong before
I learned to open up and close the door
All 'cuz my feet get cold

Hey, what's up
I saw you pass me yesterday
And I can't, can't stop thinking about that shit
You know, I had to dig inside my own mind to make myself just shut up
'Cuz I couldn't quit thinking about it