1. Here Again

From the recording In Case You Feel The Same

Written by Griffin Fletcher, Mitchell Manuel, Gerek Patrick and Matthew Porter. Produced by Max Erskine.

℗© 2019 Young Romantics. All rights reserved.


Seems we found ourselves here again
No time can take me from where I've been and who I am
And changes come and go, but I remain the same
And all my wasted time just keeps me in my place

Somethin's gotta change
Somethin's gotta change

And I would fight to be different
Oh Lord, now, can I get a break one time
I gotta fight to be different
Just let me find my way
Just let me find my way

I said I looked before, I never found nothin'
Now it's at my doorstep
And I ain't tryna break your heart, but I gotta know
Would you come on over
And even if I break my heart, and it feels so wrong
I just gotta know if maybe you're just too good for me
Maybe you're just too good for me

Now when I fall, will you catch me
And when I'm wrong, will you remember all the times I left you down
And I cut you open
Yeah, when I fall